Back up for sale due to lack of use

2004 Gibson SG voodoo, all original with hardcase. Had a neck repair (shown below). 498R and 500T humbuckers with red/black coils, swamp ash body with nitro finish, black hadware, ebony fretboard (dyed I assume - it's pitch black. None more black).

It never gets used at all unfortunately. It needs new pots and wiring up, I still have the original knobs but one may be chipped. Pickups are braided single conductor..

Looking for around £500
Make me an offer or trade me a decent combo?

Neck repair

Interested in: Blackstar combos, 212 combos, head/cab pairs, cash
NOT interested in: Lower value guitars, solid state amps
May buy this when I can afford it. Can you keep let me know if you do sell it though?
From Bezza
Just wondering, would you be able to post this to me or will I have to pick it up? I live in the UK.