I been playing for 2 years, Ive just played my first live performance on march 2 at a talent show I felt I did ok, I did make some mistakes however The audience cheered very loud when I was done and I felt I did great but it wasnt till after the show that I started to realize ive could have done better on my part I say this for mainly 2 reasons

for one thing I didnt have a foot switch to switch between my tone and I didnt think to choose "quick access" on my amp that allowed me to switch back n forth with specific tones so when it came time for me to play an improvised solo part i was startled at first, and unconsciously I was in the middle of playing I stopped to put the pick in my mouth, turn up the amp volume and grab the pick and try to start playing again..... (shouldnt have done that)

and my 2nd thing was there was a part in the song where i start playing a 3 three chord prog. at a fast tempo and I either at one point played the chords in the wrong order or played a chord that I didnt mean to play, I quickly recovered but it had startled me because those chords were not hard to play at all but i guess with adrenaline and all my hands were pretty much moving on there own

any way although Im glad to have gotten my first performance out of the way I took a big step that day playing infront of around 30-50 ppl , I really need to work on being better prepared and being relaxed while playing in front of others, so I can do well onstage

anyway thanx for the encouraging words and tips in my last thread

(I played BH - Night of the Slunk)
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Well congratulations on your first exposure to live playing. 30-50 people is pretty decent. I've been playing guitar for 6 years, and have yet to entertain a crowd of more than.. 6 people.

So I think you're on the right track. Mistakes happen, don't sweat it. Every time you'll be less nervous, make less mistakes, and sound better. Just remember that.
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I've only ever played one show, and it was one song at a "Coffee House" my school put on. It was meant to be a laid back acoustic kind of show but I played a cover of When You Were Young with a bit more distortion then normal and everyone seemed to love it. Like you I also ended up critiquing my performance after but overall if the crowd cheers you did good and that's all that matters.
Trust me, people have done a lot worse in their first performances. Even after years of live performing, something can always go wrong. I played my first concert with my guitar teacher, who had been doing shows for at least 20 years. When it came time for his guitar solo, he accidentally stepped on his own cable and unplugged his guitar; he spent half his solo getting it fixed. When it comes to live performances, problems are going to come up. The key is to simply take them in stride and not let them spoil the whole performance. I actually like it when a few things go wrong in a song, because it reminds you that what you're doing is real and not some canned performance or karaoke piece.
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
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I actually like it when a few things go wrong in a song, because it reminds you that what you're doing is real and not some canned performance or karaoke piece.
ive been playing 4 years (ish) and I play in front of crowds of around 500. Did you get nervous? I never did and to be honest I dont know why.. I played both our school talent shows last year, was awesome when you get a whole ampithetre (spelling) of 100-150 clapping the beat through the song.

keep it up!
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big ups on your first performance, and you know mistakes happen, they always will, and they happen to everyone. i wish i could telll you it won't happen again, but that's most likely not the case. it takes a long time and you have to go through the process a lot to think ahead to how a performance should go. if you know you have to switch channels or whatever, make sure you make it so it can happen. that sounds kinda obvious, but the more thinking you do to prepare yourself, the more times you can practice simply how your performance will flow rather than just practicing the music.

wrong chords will happen, sometimes depending on how the song goes or whatever, you can repeat a mistake to make it appear that it was intentional. it won't always be the case but i've done it before. i love performing, and everytime i do afterwards i always recollect things that should've been better. i am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to certain aspects of music, but what i'm getting at is it takes a great player to realize what he sounds like, and the fact that you make yourself aware of mistakes during a performance means that you're giving yourself the ability to fix it. i think the worst thing for any performer is to not be an active listener to themselves, there is a line of course and you don't have to be wicked hard on yourself, but doing so keeps us on our feet and you become a much more persistent performer
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Do not over critique your performance, learn from it. Mistakes happen and when they do, smile. If you look scared or nervous on stage, the crowd will know.

Just have fun and don't let petty stuff get to you.
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yea, i guess its a learning process, will definately do things differently next time, however ill have to work on not tensing up and being relaxed when im playing infront of ppl who u have to tune out cuz of distractions
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said