So I bought a Zoom G3 and I love it. Hooked up to Reaper its a great little home recorder. Only problem is that all play back must be down through headphones off of the Zoom G3's output jack. So to get around this I took two old RCA Surround speakers each rated 3w at 8 Ohms. Then I took the input jack out of a wah pedal that is no longer functional. Then wired those together and installed them into a Cusano 18 cigar box.

Before I mounted them I mapped out where I was going to install them and created 5 "breathing" holes im the space where the speakers would be mounted to allow sound to escape directly from the speaker. These holes are only 5mm wide.

I may create more later on. With the box open its voicing has a lot of treble. With it closed it provides some mids that makes it kinda muddy if you don't roll the volume back on your guitar. Its got a great sound IMO. I made this video...


(Don't mind the playing) After this video I did port the lid to the box to give it a bit more highs when its closed. It seemed to make the mids a little less muddy.