Alright looking for an OD pedal. I'm not really getting one to use on its own, but instead to stack it with my BBE AM-64. The AM-64 has the perfect tone for punk and hardcore-type stuff which is what I mostly play. However, some of the higher-gain stuff eludes it, such as older From First to Last and stuff like that. I would probably use the OD for my leads too. I don't like super-high gain for lead type stuff, just chord rhythms. Currently, I'm thinking either BBE Green Screamer or Jet City Afterburner. Using it on its own for my leads is secondary though, I'm much more concerned about it stacking well with the BBE AM-64 for high-gain hardcore/punk rhythms. Open to any other suggestions in the 75-100$ range.

Looking at this now too. Has a compressor built in and favorable reviews. The Route 66 looks like it could be a good choice.
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