Hello pit,

How many of you are working or released an album(music) that's just for your friends or family?

Kinda working on one, audio quality is not too great due to lack of equipment but I guess it's worth the time for me anyway.
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No matter how shit it is, they'll always rate it 10/10.

That and give you cookies to boot. It's a win-win situation.
Actually working on that exact thing at the moment. I plan on it being 30 tracks of music, all able to fit on one audio CD. Some tracks will be normal 5 minute lengths, others well be as short as 40 seconds.

I've written an outline on what each track will sound like. I've been pretty productive with it lately. As of right now, I have 11 tracks finished. I'm in the middle of another 3 tracks, and a lot of the other ones are pretty easy.

It's all original music. Basically the main theme of the album is nostalgia. I took Zelda as a source of inspiration just because I love the music so much. Basically the album isn't a soundtrack to a Zelda game, rather than the experience one goes through while playing a Zelda game as a child. There's earthy themes in the album. So there's gonna be sort of a latin tropical rock section almost like Santana to signify nature/forests, then a spanish acoustic section to signify fire, an Electronic IDM section to signify water, and an ambient section to signify more of the dark shadowy themes in Zelda. There's also different types of tracks in between. The track I'm working on right now as an Asian feel to it, and I threw in some Japanese pentatonic riffs. I recorded a friend playing violin today and he put some slurs in to almost make it sound like an erhu.
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