I've been having trouble picking between these two guitars. I only have an acoustic right now, and after discovering that I'm pretty good at it, I've wanted to get an electric guitar. Having about a $500 budget for the guitar itself, I found the Fender Standard Stratocaster (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Standard-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar-H76525-i2032185.gc) and the Epiphone Les Paul (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Traditional-Pro-Electric-Guitar-105939029-i1515777.gc). Every other thread I've seen lists different types of Strats so that kind of confuses me, and is not very possible because other than the one I've listed, because almost all other Strats are $1000+. I'd like to play a large range of music, but my favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. But I still would learn every single song I could, as long as it sounds cool. I'd probably play more of the famous hard rock guitar sounds, but I really like the blues guitar sounds as well.
Other than these two guitars, I don't think I want anything else. Obviously I'd go to guitar center to play these before buying them, but your opinions would really help.

Also what is a really great but relatively quiet amp (I live in an apartment) that would sound good with either of these guitars? Preferably under $100, but if it's really great I'd be willing to go up to $150. Also would a distortion pedal be really important? I've seen this one but I'm not sure (http://www.amazon.com/Boss-SUPER-OverDrive-SD-1-Pedal/product-reviews/B0002CZVBE/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1)
Thank you, I will be checking this thread tomorrow.
I own both a strat and a LP and since I bought my LP I've not even picked up my strat... it's great for blues, rock, metal, jazz, everything... however the strat is still a good piece of kit, great for playing blues and old rock on... It really does come down to which you prefer the feel of, the LP has a wider neck which I like and as for an amp maybe look into a headphone amp, that way you won't get complaints of people because only you can hear it! and a distortion pedal isn't necessary straight away as the majority of amps have a built in overdrive
Play both, whichever neck you like better, buy it. Most of your tone comes from your technique and amp anyway, so the guitar is sometimes moreso just a nuance to your sound. It'll take some practice to get the tone you really want, so focus on comfort and proper practice when switching to electric.
you wont need a superovrive or disortion pedal , to play in a bedroom , use a small modeller .. try to find a roland cube 15/30 used for around 100-120 and your set .

guitar : mu suggestion for 500 $ for your music genre would be an Agile 3000 from rondo music ( les paul copy ) .

www.rondomusic.com check out the agile 3000 /3100/3010 . very nice guitars . give you more for your money ( better hardware and overall playability than the epiphone ) .

485 $ with hard shell case + 20 $ shipping and your set on your budget with a very nice guitar and around 100 $ for a small modeler .
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Get the les paul if you like the feel of it because those strats are not too good for the money you pay, I've had two and sold them both. Have you looked at "paul reed smith SE" line of guitars? I play at church about every week and give guitar lessons and have been playing for like five years and I''m looking for a paulreeadsmith SE because they are VERY and i mean VEERRYY good value esp. the 2012 custom 24 SE that is coming out soon. It's about 650 so you may need to save a bit more but you'll love it... trust me. That's not to say Les Pauls are not good I have an Epi prophecy right now but the PRS is too good for me to give up. Happy hunting
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That's not to say Les Pauls are not good I have an Epi prophecy right now but the PRS is too good for me to give up. Happy hunting .
I currently have 2 strats (well, a real strat and an Ibanez RG which is pretty much a strat shape/style) and I hardly touch them. The LP is just so versitile. When I first got mine I expected to still switch back and forth between guitars for different sounds but the LP can pretty much do it all. That's not to say strats are BAD, they aren't, I'd recommend owning both, but if you have a budget and can only pick one, I'd get an LP.
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Thanks guys, will still go and play however many guitars there are in my range, but I will try to veer towards the LP, but you never know, maybe I'll find something better.