I've been looking at od/boost pedals and have 2 in mind. One being the fulltone OCD. Which I've heard nothing but good things about. The other is the Wren and Cuff Phat Phuk dirty clean boost, the guitar version. I have been able to find many reviews about the phat phuk other than the Wren and cuff website. I have the Wren and cuff tall font russian, so I know they make great pedals but I also like reading reviews about things from people not affiliated with the company I'm buying from. So I'm looking for any reviews/suggestions/feedback about these two pedals before making a purchase.
They are really geared towards different things, are you looking to boost your amp?
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Phat Phuk is cool, but if you want an overall overdrive, the OCD is probably the better investment.
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Well guess I should start by saying I am new to electric guitar and effects. I played only acoustic for years then made the leap into electric guitar. I use a 79' 50w marshall MKII lead amp which is loud as @*$%. Guess I'm just trying to get the best sound out of it I can. I want something that I can roll the volume for clean tones the roll up for some grit.
Go with the OCD. Now I have not used the other one, but the OCD is a great pedal. It adds a lot of mids and has a switch on it that can go from vintage to modern (i believe). I'm a Tubescreamer user but I am getting an OCD just to have options. Its really thick and creamy, never played it through a marshall but I LOVE the way they react with fenders, I'm sure the results will be just as good, if not better with Marshall cause it goes for the british tone anyways with the added mids.

Keep doing your research...but OCD all day
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
i'm not sure the ocd (or at least the clones i've tried) works all that well as a boost. imo it's better as a standalone od. I haven't tried the other one, though.
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