I have these studio monitors, and two guitar heads (6505 and Fireball), and wanna test running them in stereo, would it be safe to run the heads directly into these active monitors? Provided I keep the level on the amps very low.

EDIT: I've just noticed my 6505 has a Preamp out, would it work if I ran it from the Preamp out into the active monitor and used that as a cab, as that would bypass the poweramp? Then I can run the ENGL into my regular Framus guitar cab.

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dosnt sound like a smart idea.

but you can run the preamp out (or effect loop send) into your soundcard, add an impulse in you DAW to get cab simulation on it and use the monitors connected to your soundcard to hear that sound
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I would keep a real cab connected even if you use the preamp out, unless your manual specifically states that you can play it without a cab.

And no, you should not run the amps' speaker output into active monitors. You will fry either your amp, or your monitors... or both.

You'd be better off getting a cab wired for stereo and running both heads into it. Playing a 6505 through a studio monitor with a 6" woofer isn't going to give you the best results.
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