Laney players help me on:
A. cub12r- British single channel amp vs
B.lc15r- most professional sounding here ( i m impressed by this one )
C. lc200 ( has tube modelling and VTS-help me no what it is and whether similar to original tube ) but too loud for the bedroom

1. 450$ ( 2500 INR)

2.i play METAL...want a metallica tone ....i mean anything of metallica from master of puppets crunch to enter sandman ..one..fade to black lead soloing...to nothing else matters cleans...i just love them

3.mostly home ( bedroon amp) but soon going to jam and gig...in my college bands etc.....

NOTE: i wanna try a tube amp this time mostly ( as ull advice)

so for tube amp only the brand LANEY IS available ( for solids- laney,peavey,line6, fender, marshal mgs are avilable ) vox tube is also available

i was most impresed by the cubs ...and was on the way to get them...plz advice....cubs r single channel but i think my MT2 can take the place of the crunch channel ( m i right ?)

GREAT thnakx in advance...
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