Hey guys. so I'm in search of a midi keyboard. either something really cheap which is hard to find (so far no luck for me in Bulgaria) so I thought of the following:

is it possible to get an additional computer keyboard and map it for midi command sends? is it possible? This would be the best option for me atm! cheap and portable.

V, there are cheap Casio (piano) keyboards that have midi outputs. You don't have to buy a more expensive midi keyboard.
I have an M-Audio KeyRig 49 USB Midi-Controller. Love it to death.

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Quote by Vendetta V
I know guys. atm I'm traveling around so dragging the thing with me would be a pain in the ass!!

so is it doable to have 2 keyboards (like a computer typing ones) and one of them act as a midi controller?

Thing is, I doubt a computer can use two keyboards at the same time you can use one as a midi controller however.
Don't know how you'll get on with trying to get two keyboards working together. There's probably a way but......if size is the issue:

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