We are using a nice vox ac30, nice guitar, nice mics everything,we have the room with blankets on each side and guitar in a cornor (ceilings dont have blankets but we can put one?) we have a condensor mic straight on the grill and then a room mic about 3 feet away where the guitarist ear was, it sounds aight but it doesnt sound amazing. What are we doing wrong?
And how do you properly eq a guitar on a pedal, on a amp, and after you've recorded. Thanks
What are you using for a recording interface? Have you experimented with mic positioning on the cab? EQing a signal is something that takes experience and a good ear. You want to deaccentuate the bad and accentuate the good. Do a Google search on the topic. There are literally hundreds of videos talking about how to EQ a signal. Also, your signal probably doesn't sound amazing, because it hasn't been mastered.

What is your set up? Mics? Mixer? Interface? How experienced are you at recording?
The spot mic's position in relation to the speaker is important. Also, the phase of the two signals from the mics might be out. Trying either reversing the phase of one of the mics or moving the room mic a bit closer. Also your hardware including the mic will have an effect on the tone. What else have you recorded so far? A mixed guitar usually sounds harsh on it's own but sits nicely in the mix above the drums and bass.
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