I couldnt find a thread to ask my question in, so i thought i'd start one. Does anyone know if/where i can get a video of the GuitarWorld Rock and Roll Roast of Zakk Wylde? I heard it was broadcast on Ozzys Sirius XM station, but i would prefer video to audio only. I was going to ask around on the guitar world site, but apparently they have done away with there forums (stupid). I would like to buy a copy if they decide to release it on dvd, but for now i would be happy just to see it. They had a short article about it in the new GW issue, and it sounds f**kin hilarious. any help or direction would be appreciated
I have never heard about this, but I wish I could've been a part of it. I would just get up there and give a speech about his life, but every third or fourth word would be covered up by the same pinch harmonic.
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hey guys let's roast op i'll start:

op is gay

cmon guys it's fun

Can we spit roast him instead?
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Ha ha love you to dude ;-)

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10/10 Slater is amazing

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Dude...those extremely forced laughs, probably done by whoever was filming, was enough to make me wanna turn it off...
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Can we spit roast him instead?

owait you were referring to op my bad

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I paused Prince for this?

Sharon's funnier when she's naturally being bitchy, not when she/writers work on jokes before hand.
The "I'm sorry I must have Alzheimer's I thought we were roasting Eric Clapton" part made me turn it off. Does it work as a joke? Yes. Is it a good joke? No. Have we heard a similar kind of joke before? Oh, far too many times.
Good find on those videos. Sharon was actually pretty funny.
I read about this in Guitar World and facepalmed. Then I realized I was reading Guitar World and facepalmed.

tbf though there was a pretty good "column" or whatever you call it on chord voicings this issue

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