Hallo, I am going to buy a guitar for my birthday this month and I have to choose between these two guitars.

1) http://www.thomann.de/gr/esp_ltd_ax50_blks.htm

2) http://www.thomann.de/gr/bc_rich_warlock_bk_bronce_ii.htm?sid=5c009f403c51a50ce6a5db60d76e6b55

Can you please tell me if they are good for a starting guitar?

The amp I am going to buy is Line 6 Spider ||| 15V.

Which do u believe would be best to buy or should i buy another guitar ???
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For the love of god, don't buy a spider. There are much better options out there at the same price point. Peavey Vypyrs, and roland cubes just to name 2 off the top of my head.

Also, both those links point me to the same guitar. I HATE pointy guitars, so I won't even comment beyond that.

Also also, this should probably be in the Electric Guitar forum.
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No offense whatsoever but you could not pick a worse starting guitar. You can not sit down and play BC rich guitars comfortably which is what you need when you start playing guitar.

It may look cool to you but most people actually hate the shape and hardly anybody will see it because you won't be playing gigs if you're just starting out.

Look at these instead: Yamaha Pacifia. Squire Strat. Epiphone Les Paul. Any cheap Ibanez and so on but always try before you buy and never buy a guitar based on looks, I've made that mistake once and never again.

As far as the spider amp goes, I personally wouldn't buy one. There are better multi fx amps for the price (tone-wise).

Hope you find something suited to you, just don't buy the BC rich, its the best advice I have for you.
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No offense whatsoever but you could not pick a worse starting guitar. You can not sit down and play BC rich guitars comfortably which is what you need when you start playing guitar.

This. I learned to play on a flying V, probably the worse decision I could have made. I bought it because it looked cool, and then had to suffer all the common 'V issues' such as not being able to sit down and practice properly (jack plugged into inside side of V so you couldn't even adopt a classical posture without crushing cable on leg), and bumping it into everything whenever I turned round. You have enough hurdles to jump when you first start playing without having to learn to handle a novelty-shaped instrument.
Another thing to bear in mind, you don't know what musical direction you might take as a guitarist, so picking a pointy metal guitar could potentially leave you looking very silly if you end up going down the blues guitar route (this was the reason I sold my V!).
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Ibanez RX60. My friend had one, it's an HSS configuration for a lot of versatility. It has a faster fretboard than most so that's good for learning. It's also dirt cheap (I saw one used at GC for like 70 bucks) so you can buy a better amp.
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don't buy a BC Rich...oh my god please don't buy one of those. we want you to like playing guitar!!

Check out the starters from ibanez. although i don't think they are anything special you can get a schecter for a pretty good price. you could always get an epi LP or SG...just please don't get one of those eye sores!

i'm not even going to start on the Line 6 amp, lets just go with...you should get something else...
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well