I don't have a hardshell case. I'll get one eventually, but for now ... Will the humidifier stay in when my guitar is on its stand, upright? Or will the humidity just dissipate through the room too quickly that way? In that case, would a house humidifier serve me better?
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Dependant upon temperature and air circulation I have a feeling that much of the moisture will dissipte, but still will offer at least a little benefit. Until you get a case, use a couple sheets of plastic wrap over the sound hole with the humidfier in it.
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I actually very much doubt it will be of any benefit, whatsoever. it would disperse immediately into the room if it's just on a stand. Soft case might be of a LITTLE benefit, but not much.
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Yeah if you don't have a case there's not much point
You can buy a small room humidifier for like 40 bucks
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