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Pickled Sponges
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Hey there pit. Hope your morning/day/afternoon/evening/night is going well so far. Anyway, I'm feeling like practicing making some brutal death metal, deathgrind, goregrind, pornogrind, etc type logos (try googling "deathgrind logos" or "goregrind logos" if you don't know what I mean), just some really squiggly, splattery, pointy, blood and guts looking logos, but there's one small problem: in order to make logos, I need to actually have band names, even if the logos are completely incomprehensible.

I was wondering if any of you guys have any ideas for goregrind band names. I'm not likely to ever use any of these names for an actual band, so make them as ridiculous as possible, and I'll make some logos for any that I find to be particularly inspiring and post them a bit later if anyone actually wants to see them.

tl;dr Give me ideas for goofy goregrind names to make silly incomprehensible logos.
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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

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The Beatles.
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Call Cuddlefluff but cover the writing in blood and stuff so it's illegible.

It would already be illegible for the most part anyway. I think when I make one, I won't tell you what it says, and you can all guess.

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Vaginal Impalement

I kind of liked this one, since it has a sort of generic pornogrind ring to it, but alas, there is already a band with that name.

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Welding Accident

That sounds like it could be the title of a Dead Infection song.
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Poop Covered Poophole
Brutal Slaughter Of Those About To Be Brutally Slaughtered
Explosive Turban
African Penis Impalement
Pooping On A Wedding Cake
Peeling Off The Flesh Of The Innocent
Ripping Off The Fringe Of The Emocent
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Pickled Sponges FTW!!!
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Nobody really suggested anything particularly inspirational, so I decided to go with "Pickled Sponge" It came out alright, though I could have made it a lot more detailed, but that would have taken much longer (that took about an hour to make).

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