Poll: Do you have the same music taste as your parents?
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Yes I do
27 12%
No I don't
48 22%
Not really but we like a few of the same bands/artists
135 61%
13 6%
Voters: 223.
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inb4 "OH NO NOT THIS THREAD AGAIN". I tried searching for it in the searchbar under a ton of different names, ways, planes, trains and automobiles and found nothing. I'm sure there could have been one ages ago, but even so, here's a new one.

I was driving my mom around when a Machinehead song came on the radio. My mom and I don't really like the same music except for older stuff, from the 60's, 70's and 80's. From the 90's on, I don't think we really like the same stuff. It was just strange that she ended up liking this intense Machinehead song, because it's really not something she'd listen to.

So it got me thinking, how compatible are your musical tastes with your parents tastes? Do you listen to similar stuff or are your tastes polar opposites? Is a lot of what you listen to because of what your parents brought you up on?
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I'd say very compatible. I grew up listening to my parent's music, and it had an incredible impact on me.
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My parents like Bruce Springsteen, so do I

Apart from that, just the odd thing here and there like Frankie Vali...etc
I share basically no musical interests with my mom.

My dad and I have a few bands that we both like, but not many.
My Dad and I listen to a lot of the same stuff. We've been to a whole shitload of concerts and music festivals together, we jam together (he blows harp), and we turn each other on to different music.

About the only thing that I can't get him to respond to is Hip-Hop...

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my dad's into to country and western...i listen to oldschool hip-hop,funk, and reggae....
i only hear his music when he thinks it would be a funny way to wake me up
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I listen to more music than they do, especially my mother, but what they like is good. My dad listens to more metal than I do though.
We share a lot of common interests in older music. With newer music, not so much. Most of the influence on me when I was growing up was from my brother though, so that's really where there is a lot of commonality in music taste.
My step dad's seen Machine Head twice.
Metallica, Maiden and GnR more times than he can remember.

They're both into completely different stuff now though, and not a lot crosses over.
Dad and stepmom are some of the most plebeian plebs I've ever come across. My mom likes the Smiths and my stepdad likes Kanye West and Joe Jackson.
Not really compatible, but not way different. I like a decent amount of classic rock - for example, I spin my dad's old Stones & Who records - & my mom likes some quirky New Wave stuff I'm into - she used to listen to the B-52's all the time when I was a kid. Also, she would listen to her copy of Nevermind, & that's how I got into Nirvana back in the day.

Of course, now I listen to super hip bands that they don't know about, & my parents sort of don't care a whole lot about music anymore anyway. They think my music's weird, but they've always been tolerant of it, so whatever. And they liked my band's music alright.
My dad and I have very compatible music tastes.

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Not entirely: mines far more diverse, although it's thanks to my dad's taste in music (Floyd, The Doors, Zappa, Talking Heads, Zep etc) that I started to become interested in music as an art rather than as simply a sound occupier.
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My music taste is more diverse than theirs I guess. I listen like most of theirs, they only like about 25% of mine.

I walked in on my dad listening to gangsta rap the other day though, that made me laugh (He's a 63 year old retired biology teacher)
We both listen to some of the same classic rock (Zeppelin, The Who, Rolling Stones, etc.) but my parents like a lot of cheesy 80s pop and hair metal that I can't stand while I listen to a lot of punk, various -core genres, ska and indie that they don't really like.
my mom can handle iron maiden and rise against,and the screaming she deals with.
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My parents and I like some kinds of classical rock, but other than that there's not much we all like. My mom doesn't like my music, but she'll put up with it; my dad will completely freak out if I turn on any hard rock whatsoever (x
i grew up with the oldies from my parents and alot of those songs are in my usual ipod mix...when i got to a certain age i started listen to heavier music and picked up the guitar and joined bands....so yeah my dad's hatred of heavy music been a big inspiration to me
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My taste is the complete opposite of my parents. My mom likes country, jazz, 80's and 90's pop and some other stuff I can't put into categories. I have no idea exactly what my dad likes but its nowhere near my tastes. My mom is always like "Oh I guess your listening to that Heavy Metal stuff, just watch what your listening too." I do like metal but I also have broader tastes.
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My dad likes some melodic progressive rock and Dire Straights rubbish and occasionally blues.

I can't say that we have the same tastes, but he does appreciate how i like the music i listen to.
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Not at all. I'm always being ridiculed for not being patriotic and listening to Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.
My parents, and the rest of my family for that matter, thinks the music I listen to is weird
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My mom likes radio pop, radio country, and christian music.
I like jazz, "indie", folk, and maybe a little punk.

So no, I don't think so.

The person with the closest taste to me would probably be my grandfather, since a lot of older folk and country is basically interchangeable.
My mom is a huge fan of the Beatles, The Who, Queen, David Bowie, and Iggy Pop. My Dad likes them pretty well too.

So I'd say we have a few similarities.
My mum likes nirvana so I think that may of had a influence on me growing up.
Me and my brother have very similar music tastes though and often recommend new bands to each other.
They never had a musical impact on me like my brother's did, but my mom likes a lot of the 90's bands like AIC and even some Mars Volta. My dad really likes Steely Dan and so do I but that's about the only similarities there.
My dad likes everything in one way or another, minus excessive explicit material, and my mother was into heavy metal, so shes down with most of my shit. Out of my music she enjoys crust and oi the most
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My mother doesn't listen to music AT ALL.

My father likes some rock and metal and jams with me sometimes (I play guitar and he plays keyboard).
My dad's a rocker so I like lots of bands he does (except for metal, that's just me). My mom's taste is terrible.
I tend to listen to heavier stuff than my parents, but when it comes down to the core of what we like, it is generally the same or quite similar.
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I like some classical/big band stuff that my mum does but then she likes stuff like Beyonce. My dad and me are pretty similar; Pink Floyd, The Offspring etc
My mum and I share no similarities in music whatsoever. My dad and I on the other hand share quite a lot. Mostly progressive stuff and classic rock. My dad has me listening to Led Zep by the age of 2.

I do love a bit of Dad Rock.
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My mom and I have absolutely no similarities in music taste. I show her a few songs I like and she likes them, but doesn't actually listen to them on her own. Which is what I do when someone shows me something I don't like.
well my mother just stole my amp and most likely kicked in the speaker and snapped off all the knobs, so im gonna say dat bitch doesnt like music altogether.

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