In A Series article of a detailed history of rock music. An eight piece article looking like this:


In each decade I will look in depth about what happened in rock music.
Would you want to read this?
Would others want to read it?
Should I bother?
I would definitely read it, its exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for because I have a Music History (50s onwards) exam in June (:
i'd be TOTALLY stoked on it! i'd definitely refer some friends to it as well as i find myself alone when talking about the "good ol' days" of rock 'n' roll
Definitely dude. Sounds awesome. What all would you detail? The popular bands and trends of the decades?
Sounds like a good idea, but each article in the series would have to be absolutely enormous if you wanted it to be fully comprehensive....and if it wasn't fully comprehensive there are a lot of people who will focus on the gaps rather than the content.

Good luck with it though, I'll be interested to read it.
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Definitely. The idea reminds me of BBC's documentary "Seven Ages of Rock".

Btw Minimallamb, you should watch this documentary. It's in 8 parts, I think, and it's told in an exciting way, where you get both the big picture and interesting stories from the different bands.

Worth the watch if you have "rock" in your curriculum.
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I took a class like this once, but it was kind of lame because they couldn't give audio examples. If you could do this and post links/videos of pivotal songs, it'd definitely be worthwhile.