Hey is there any way musicians can earn money by posting them online?
Im very curious about this.
only if its good enough for somebody on the other end to actually pay something for it
by the time you read this you will be wasting your time because it doesnt say anything
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Make Youtube videos and get paid for the ads beside your songs.

To make any decent money out of this you need to be getting thousands of views a day which takes lots of work, and great content.

Not to hijack this thread, but how do you go about making money for those ads?
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Not to hijack this thread, but how do you go about making money for those ads?

Make lots of good youtube videos and get lots of views fast. Youtube will then send you an email asking if you want to sign up for revenue sharing. You then have to make a google adsense account. Then you get a variable amount of money every time someone clicks on your ad. But it's not usually very much, and not many people click. So like I say, lots of views is necessary to make any decent money.

Plus, all the content in the video has to be 100% yours, or you will get banned. They are on top of it too, so I wouldn't monetise any content that isn't yours.

I warn you all though, this system takes A LOT of work. You'll usually only get anywhere with it if you enjoy making the videos more than just trying to make money.
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Thanks all, its a topic that i didn't know, and not much people actually know how to make a living from music.
A friend of mine is in the process of setting up a new business venture which (if it takes off) will help unsigned musicians make some money from their music. Go here to read about it: http://www.dfemusic.co.uk/

It's unlikely that you'll earn enough to make a living off it, but something is always better than nothing.
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