This is some kind of mix I created a few years back while just messing around outside of my preferred genre-territory. I just found it on one of my old harddrives and decided to mess with it a little bit. I believe this was inspired by the first two Rise Against albums, and the first dredg perhaps. Please listen to it in midi!

Have a nice listen!
eleven lines.gp4
eleven lines.mid
eleven lines.gp5
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I see you around quite a bit on the forum, frolicking around with your jazz-a-ma-tazz and stuff. Seeing a Rise Against-esque composition caught me with quite a shock!

Even though it was unexpected, it was thoroughly enjoyed. The intro is very nice, leading into the dramatic chorus. I especially like the final chord on bar 24, adding to the tension. I can't say I was a massive fan of the bridge, but I really liked the bass part. I also really enjoyed the interlude, the chords that were used. The post-chorus was a nice way to end the piece.

Cool song! C4C

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