There's a new series of parody running around on Youtube. Rape Man.


What do you think of this? Should this be condoned because its funny or rejected because rape is a serious issue?

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Rape Man is such an old concept. . .
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That was unfunny,

Not because it was rape.

Just because it was shite.
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I saw that Steve Albini-related joke, flag guy.
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1) See thread title
2) Laugh
3) Open thread, see OP is serious
4) Laugh
5) Post series of events
6) Close thread
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That might just have been the worst video I have ever seen on youtube.
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I saw that Steve Albini-related joke, flag guy.

Well at least it was clear that it was a (pointless) joke and not a dumb misunderstanding.
im not sure what just happened but i think i like it

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I only laughed when he went "hehe yeeeeah"
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I watched 40 seconds of it, I didn't want to waste any more of my time watching it
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This thread needs more Miranda Kerr.
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This thread needs more Miranda Kerr.

Does she have a prosthetic leg or a really odd tan?
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Does she have a prosthetic leg or a really odd tan?

You'll notice that her left arm is colored differently as well. It's my guess that she's well lit on her right side and she's standing at an angle which puts her front left in shadow.

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