First off.. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to guitar tech so bear with me if this is a stupid question.

So, today is a new guitar day for me. I bought a new DBZ Barchetta ST-FR 7 String guitar, without checking the specs too much, just tested it out and it felt right so I got it. However, after researching the guitar again (after buying it. Seeking confirmation from Internet the almighty) I noticed that according to the website of DBZ, and even according to the website of the shop I bought it from, this guitar should have DBZB-7/DBZ5-7 pickups. But mine has EMG's. 707 and 81-7 if I had to guess after just finding them on EMG's website. Though both of mine reads EMG in yellow(gold), while 81-7 reads in white(or silver) according to the picture on EMG's website, don't know if this matters?

The more expensive Barchetta 7 strings actually do use 707 and 81-7, so I guess a mistake at a factory could be a possibility?

So should I worry about this, or did I actually get lucky? Or maybe I'm just missing something crucial here.

Might as well ask another thing that bothers me. For a couple of months I'm gonna have to play this guitar through Micro Cube... So not much progress in sound, but my previous guitar was completely unplayable. But when I set the amp to clean, or acoustic, the sound ... Is not nice at all and I think theres even some distortion still sounding from the background. Do you think this is just because its Micro Cube and it will take a lot-lot more to play cleans on EMG's or something like that? Cause my craap~ guitar played fine on clean.
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i'm not too well up on dbzs but it looks like you got lucky. or maybe even got a more expensive model
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can't comment on the pickups, sounds like you got lucky.

as for the sound through the cube, its probably that a tiny speaker, like the one in the cube, cannot handle a 7 string. small speakers are more prone to distorting anyways (from things like high output pickups), so using a 7 through one is going to be tough on it.