Best amp? Best guitar? Best pedal(s)?

Take this however you want.
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Hmm..."metal" is pretty generic...i honestly don't know, i think there's a whole category of "best" guitars, amps, pedals and their combinations, then it's up to personal taste...either way i don't think i know enough to speak for myself with any level of certainty on this.
depending of course on the metal...

marshall stack, gibson LP, compression pedal, maybe even a pre amp effect unit
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
The main players in amps is Mesa, Marshall and engl.

Guitars you'll see some bc riches, Jacksons, deans, maybe gibson.

I don't know shit about pedals.
amps: Diezel Hagen, Engl SE/Invader, Mesa Roadking II, VHT Ultralead.

Guitars: whatever.
pedals: whatever
Seems like everyone is using the following these days:

Amplifier: Peavey 6505 or JSX, Mesa (any), Marshall stack

Guitar: Assorted guitars, but they have to be loaded with active EMGs

Effects: assorted effects, but always some serious serious compression.

Sorry, I like metal but I'm feeling disenchanted lately with a lot of newer metal.
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Take this however you want.

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Mesa Dual Rectifier 2 channel/Diezel VH4 or Hagan/ENGL SE/AxeFx 2/ a million other amps out there that sound amazing.

then a Blackmachine with Bareknuckle Warpigs/Aftermaths in it and an AxeFx for your effects unless you have an AxeFx in which case you dont need it

there are so many possibilities that i think its kinda stupid to have a thread about it.... go to the "Gear for Metal Thread" if you really wanna see all the metal rig info stuff
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