I play guitar. I don't have a band and I don't play other instruments.

I need something to record virtual drums with, because want something to go along with my guitar tracks. I was thinking ezdrummer metalheads. (I play metal btw)
1) do I have to buy the original ezdrummer first?
2) do I need a midi controller to make the drums play? (I know nothing about how it works)
3) will it work okay with a laptop? (windows) or do I need a desktop?

Also, I want to add bass, but I don't play bass or own one. I was wondering if I could just play along with the rhythm and drop the pitch down. Would this work? If so, how do I do it?

Thanks for reading.
EZDrummer is great on a budget, but is not the best. You do need the core EzDrummer package first though.

You don't need a midi controller, you can just draw the drum parts in in your daw.

Depends on the Laptop specs.

Also as for bass http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLK-1Q4qzwc

You lose the transience and it's not quite as beefy, but it still sounds alright. If you don't wanna buy a bass amp sim, free ones do exist.
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If you're going to get an expansion for EZDrummer, don't get Metalheads. It's utter shite. Get Metal Machine instead. I use it and it is ****ing incredible. And yeah pitch shifting guitar works well enough, although if you can afford it I'd suggest Trillian. It is one of the best bass VSTi's money can buy and it sounds AMAZING.
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