I've recently bought a fender deluxe telecaster and in the process of putting some BKP Blackguards 52 in.

I'm a massive country / folk fan and listen to Brad Paisley, Dixie chicks, lady antebellum, matthew and the atlas, civil wars etc

Could anyone point me in the direction of good books / video's to get me started with country music? I know the major scale and open strings are key but that's about as far as my knowledge extends.


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Develop a drinking problem and have your girlfriend leave you.

But really, do that, and then work on finger picking to get that country feel down.
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Best way: learn songs.

For real. Learn Lady A song, Rascal, Dixie's, learn anything and everything you can. Learn it so that if you put 10 songs on shuffle you could play along with all of them without reading tab / chords.

Once you learn a lot of songs (like 50+ at least), learn how the songs are put together. Chord progressions, timing, strums, melodies etc. Learn them inside and out. Then write your own!

You can read books and watch videos, but learning by doing is best. Just because somebody read the manual on my car doesn't mean I want them to work on it. Learn by doing is my suggestion.
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