Hi. I'm looking for a low wattage tube amp. I mainly want something for practice. I've got Blackstar HT-5 at the moment but I'm looking for something a bit nicer. FX loop and headphone socket is a plus. I mainly play rock and blues and can spend up to £1000 but preferably under £700 on the amp. Some ideas please!

Bluesbreakers rule for rock/blues.
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maybe take a look at a deluxe reverb
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
I'd urge you to check out Dennis Cornell's Plexi range. Truly awesome amps. If you call Dennis and agree to meet up he'll do cash deals for you for a lot less. His Plexi 7 is droolsome. You'll get one for 500 but he can't put an FX loop in the 7 due to space, but he can for the bigger ones.

Clapton thinks he's the best amp maker on the planet, so that is a ringing endorsement if ever you needed one!

dc-developments.com or co.uk
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Check out Sheldon Amplifiers, they do lovely handwired amps at a 'fairly' reasonable rate. Look at the TrueTone 3.
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You'll get one for 500 but he can't put an FX loop in the 7 due to space, but he can for the bigger ones.
The Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 should be around that price range - sounds wonderful, and has a built in attenuator, 0 watt mode with line out. All kinds of features. I'm getting one in about a month
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I will be sharing a house at university so I need the volume to keep low (have a power soak or something) or have a headphone output. What do you think about the Koch Studiotone? Will playing a tube amp on low volume fine or is it bad to wear my tubes out for practice?

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How low?

Seeing as how you are a pom I'm going to recommend this:


A better blues amp you will not find.

I was reading and was expecting it to be way out of budget. 350 pounds? thats ridiculous! tube rectifier and everything, it looks like such a great deal.

AND, it even has a volume knob so you can play quietly.