My friend came in town for the weekend and gave me his GNX3000. He told me he couldn't figure out how to use to the recording feature on the device. So he gave the GNX3000, powercord, and a USB cable.

I installed all the drivers. I set it to WDM. I installed the Xedit and pro track plus program. The problem is that I couldn't figure out how to record either. I went through the troubleshooting. It told me to make sure certain options were selected and I followed all of it.

Here is the problem: When I stepped on the record button on the GNX3000, it said "RECERROR". I have no idea if I did something wrong with the process or anything.

Also, what is a MIDI input/output and do I need one to record? All I currently have now is a USB cord to the computer.