Poll: Ever fall down the stairs?
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Yes. :(
57 78%
No. :)
16 22%
Voters: 73.
A simple question:

So have any of you UG pit users fell down a flight of stairs?

This includes tripping up the stairs too.
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When I was 5, didn't even cry.
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I'm currently falling down an exceptionally large staircase now :/
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I throw myself down stairs on my skateboard for fun.

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I was going to slide down some stairs on a hardcover book but the stairs were really grippy so I decided not to.
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I'm currently falling down an exceptionally large staircase now :/

i'm falling down a staircase called life

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I throw myself down stairs on my skateboard for fun.

Perfectionist skateboarders are too mainstream.

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only when i cant wait to be a useless piece of shit all day and play all these games
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I throw myself down stairs on my skateboard for fun.

Hell yeah, man! Although I've stopped doing that stuff as much recently. Now I prefer just riding my cruiser deck on nice, big trannys.
i'm a masochist

Fell down the stairs.

There was a door at the immediate end of the last step.

I was in a position where I was stuck when I hit the bottom.

I sort of cried.

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In my old house when I was younger, there was a set of stairs to the second story with 24 steps. I fell down those things constantly, it's a wonder I never got a concussion or broke something. Got some serious bruises and cuts though.
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I slip and slide down my stairs on my ass all the time. Murder on the back.

Worst was 15 concrete stairs end over end, but I was drunk off my ass.
No because I'm not a dolt.
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Yes. whenever I go down a flight of stairs I'm terrified of tripping and flying down the stairs. When I'm going up I'm scared I'll fall backwards and hit my head and get a concussion. Both of these have happened to me before multiple times and will definitely happen in the future
I fell down two flights of stairs while taking garbage out, fell off a bus ass first into the gutter while it was raining, fallen up stairs... I cling onto the handrail for dear life these days.
just playing on the staircase at my grandmas house as a kid, its carpet so falling down on my butt didnt hurt, but iv tripped going up. never fell down.
I watched Bobby Mcferrin fall down stairs once.
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this one time i fell down my friend's staircase cuz it was the first time i was in his house and he had it completely pitch black (no idea why) and i was walking down and all of a sudden i fall forward and i fly off the staircase and hit the floor and i just hear my friend casually turn around in the darkness and go "what are you doing?"

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When I was about 3 or 4 years old, I was at my grandma's house about to leave. Well, she had this sunroom/indoor patio type area with a brick staircase on the side of the house leading up to it. About half a story.

Anyway, we were leaving, and I was standing there about to start walking down. My mom apparently thought I was going too slow and gave me what was supposed to be a gentle push to get me moving. Well, she ended up pushing me over and making me fall down the complete flight of stairs.

To this day, I have a paranoia of going up or down stairs with someone behind me.
I've tripped up the stairs, down the stairs, tripped on stairs and slid down stairs on my back while tripping...
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Diabolical...Always,and I mean always hold onto the rail.I have to consentrate way more than what should be nessasary to successfully make it up or down a flight of stairs.Don't even get me started on boarding and exiting an escalator.

First time I seen someone fall up the steps I thought he was an idiot.Well either I am too or stairs are really just that difficult.
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I didn't know it was possible to have never fallen down stairs.
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Damn she must have felt terrible.
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I always trip up and end up doing like a big jump over like 8 steps or something.

This one time I skidded on my ass over like 5 steps though
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I'm lol'ing so hard thinking of the people I've seen fall down stairs.

I've slipped on them, but never fell. I've never seen anyone in a full-on tumble. All slips. Still, they're guaranteed to make me lol.
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I fell down the ones at my house and smashed through the railing at the bottom. Didn't get hurt though.

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I have wooden stairs in my house so yeah... especially if I don't realize I'm wearing socks
fell down some from having my skirt wrap around my legs by the wind and kind of hog-tying me, and fell up by treading on the hem of it
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