So are you a batteries in guy, or take um out guy?

The first thing I do on all my new pedals is take the battery our before mounting them on my PedalBoard. I don't like the idea of a battery going bad, and leaking battery crud all over the inside of my expensive pedal.

The way I see it, is if the bar would loose power, your amp wouldn't work anyway. The only protection batteries offer to me is, if your PedalPower II Plus fried in the middle of a gig, you would be SOL on effects.

But what are the odds??
-vs- the odds of trashing a pedal with a battery going south...

Batteries out saves pedals!

What is your view?
I really don't worry about it most of the time, since I run adapters, although now that I think about it, taking out the batteries would make my board slightly lighter.
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I take them out because I have had them leak and make the insides of my pedals nasty. Though TBH, I prefer the extra weight of them under my foot. I just don't want to have to clean a pedal out again...
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Do pedals take batteries? Is that what that little cavity is for? I always thought that was a compartment for meth.
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I leave them in, unless I need a 9v for something, then I'll take it out. Makes doing demos for pedals easier too.
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Well, my amp runs off batterys too, so... it depends on if it's hunting season or not?
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