I've sort of hit a rut in my 3 years of playing guitar. When playing using a major key over a 1-4-5 i usually use a major scale over it. Example for A major 145 i always use an F#minor pentatonic scale over it which i believe is an A major pentatonic scale (though i might be wrong) and it always sounds good.
Lately i've been thinking i should get more creative with the scales i use. If i use an A-minor pentatonic over it sounds a little funky when i try to switch back to an A major. Also when i play chords how should i go about soloing over the chord changes? Any tips? or modes to explore?

Thanks for reading!
Try in B that sounds pretty good. You are right with the location of a A major pentatonic. Try playing the 7th chords and using the blues note within the Am pentatonic, in this case in would be a D# and if you are in Bm it is an F I believe. Hope all goes well and try to integrate the scales into spaces within the progression for a different sound.
Try to be able to find chord tones easily. With any chord, being able to land on 1-3-5-7 or 9 is always helpful. As far as pentatonics go, in a major key, the pentatonics associated with the 1 4 or 5 are always good to use