Hey guys and dolls i got a new tune up and ill c4c you!!! also i realized my solo is started on the off beat and has one dead note towards the end -_- click the link in my sig and it should be my first song up
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Some of the guitar playing could be tighter, though most of the playing is good. I like most of the guitar melodies (many of them are very good). Vocals need work in some places, I like some of the singing. Interesting lead guitar tone (sometimes sounds flat pitch-wise though). Don't give up! Please review my music at this link:

I agree with aardvark on this one. Guitar work is pretty sweet (aside from a couple of hiccups), but the vocals let you down. You seem to struggle with that first big note. Did you warm up your voice before recording this? cos you seem to have more control towards the end of the song. Your voice reminds me of Jack White in some points. The lyrics are pretty good. It sounds like you've got a cool song here but maybe you should've recorded a couple more takes before uploading it. The solo needs work too. The timing is sketchy and the guitar seems slightly out of tune.

Keep at it man, with a bit of polish you could have something really good here!
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I would agree that you should polish it up. Its really hard to judge this song though, since honestly, the recording isin't very good, but from what I heard it was good, it did remind me of the white stripes and black keys, not sure if your a fan. The singing wasn't bad, a bit pitchy here and there, but im not the one to be judging vocals since I myself struggle to sing. Overall, you have a good song going, I suggest you invest in a decent mic though.

c4c when you get a moment https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1525882?
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