I remember something like that happened in Utah and it was a rocket launch or something. I don't really remember what it was though.
Looks like a lightning strike...
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Looks like a lightning strike...

They confirmed it wasn't a lightning strike.
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Who cares, it's Phoenix.
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Who cares, it's Phoenix.

Hey that's where I live

And I feel exactly the same way.
Could it have been from the solar flare?
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currently in scottsdale for spring break so ill do some research and get back to you guys with the results
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That happened in houston (where i live) one day, when I was on the school bus, (it was during the daylight savings period when it's midnight at 6 am) the sky just lit up for like 2 seconds for no reason. It hadn't been raining and there are no rocket fields. It was creepy. Everyone but me, the driver and like one other kid at the front of the bus was asleep, we just looked at each other in mutual acknowladgement of the rise of the giant spider overlords.
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