I have my main guitars all set to E standard, nothing different. But I have one Ibanez that I want to have as my Drop C tuning guitar because I do like play songs by bands that use that tuning. I hate having to tune back and forth from standard to drop C, plus I really could use the heavier strings. So I'm going to bring it to my local shop to be setup with heavier strings and a lower tuning. My issue is I also like to play bands that use C# and also like occasionally playing bands like Chevelle that use drop B. My question is what tuning would be best to have the guitar setup with? I've never done this before so ignore this noob-like question or if it doesn't make sense. Do I have it setup to Drop C and tune up a half step when I want to play drop C# and a half step down for the occasional drop B? Or do I have it setup to drop C# and then just tune half down to drop C when needed, and a whole step for when needing drop B? I didn't know how to do this or what tuning the guitar should be in normally? Thanks in advance for any help!
If you are going to use Drop C most of the time just leave it there and tune a half step up or down when you need to.
I'll probably spend and even amount of time in C and C#, but if I had to say one more than the other than probably C. I just didn't know if tuning up a half step with the thicker strings would hurt the neck or be really tense once the guitar was setup. Mainly it's those two tunings, with the occasional visit to drop B

EDIT: I'm thinking as for string gauge, I'll just use Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky 12s. That should work fine I'm guessing.
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