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5-Piece Progressive/Tech Metal band from the UK, signed to Basick Records.

Released a full length debut album July 2011 and currently working on an EP to be released Summer 2012.

You can check out the whole album for free right here:

If you really like what you hear and feeling generous, you can buy the album here:

We just released a BRAND NEW music video, check it out:

And this is our last video:

Hope you enjoy, be great to get feedback from you guys!
Everything is perfect except i don't like when the singer screams all the time.. (my oppinion) But the intruments are outstanding. Listen to some alexisonfire to get the idea, some actual singing would be nice in a song, with some scream.

The intro to the first song was epicly calm and awesome and the singer ruined it for me.

It's not that the singer screams badly, it's just to much of it (whole song -.-)
Thanks for checking it out and giving some feedback guys! Both good and constructive

Dores, i'll check your band out now and let you know what i think

Cheers guys.
Wow, I'm really impressed actually, you guys sound amazing. I like the vocals a lot and the guitar work is incredible. Sounds awesome.