Hey Fellas, Out of the guitars i own, my Rg get the most play time, I'm looking to upgrade to a£4-600 guitar. I was thinking of a few RG and RGA models, but am not sure that i exactly know what is better and what is not, I guessed that the higher the number means better, but sometimes there are quite a few models around the same number e.t.c
Now i like the sound my RG makes ( maple fingerboard) bareknuckle MM in the bridge.

I love the look of the oiled mahogany bodies



I am fine either way if there is a trem or not, I have had no problems with my edge 3. and love trems, but wouldnt mind being able to swap tunings quickly.

I am going to be playing rock, metal, blues, alternative, and as of late a lot more paul gilbert influenced stuff.

used is fine but a new 'un would be nice

I'm also looking for NO BLACK, or no solid colours, im looking for something classy, that stands out a little less than my bright yellow guitar.



The guitars you mentioned are in the same league as your rg350. I don't see how buying either would constitute an upgrade.

If you really want to upgrade, get a Prestige.
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Is active pickups a no go for you? If no, then I'd recommend this.
There's a similar model with an edge zero trem which I have. It feels real good, feels Better than the prestige guitars the shop had even. But that's just me. You might want to change the pickups though, since stock ibanez pickups are really bad in my mind.
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That looks pretty nice, the black model is not bad either, I dont like solid black, but the smoke looks sexy imo.

any other suggestions, the RGA72 is winning so far...
BUT, i may prefer passives. I'll run through my explorer when i restring it and see what i prefer, also, would i be able to slap EMG's in it without modification?.. or even some bareknuckles.