I'm looking to try an online band, like laying down some tracks for fun part by part.
Not really sure what sort of style to go for, but I quite like the idea of a Post-Metal, Post-Rock or Post-Hardcore sort of thing. I'm a clean vocalist, but I can scream (not fluently to the point where I want to try anything overly heavy). I listen to things like Thursday, Thrice, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, Defeater, O' Brother. Yeah, and all in between.
Anyway, I do play guitar, but I probably don't have desirable equipment for recording (I use POD Farm). But, like I said, I'm a guitarist and would like to play if possible, but I'm a vocalist first and foremost.
Message me or reply if you're interested.
PM sent. also look at my sig for links to my online band and older (at least a year) instrumental stuff...