Hello my friends ,

i tried to perform wonderwall for voice and i hate my voice , so i don't have a good voice but i wanted to record wonderwall

Can you tell me if i delete the video to my youtube channel or if i can keep it ?

Thank you for your help if you have 2 minutes , i'm no confidence in me

video is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtHHPioMJbs

next video will be fingerstyle arrangement


Ps : i'm french , so big big french accent ...
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Mate there's nothing wrong with your voice! Your hitting every note and your it isn't nasally or annoying. Your guitar playing is f*cking superb! All I can say is work on your english pronounciation. I would have the same problem if I tried to sing in French :P

Give my music a listen if you get a chance

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