I've been fingerpicking for maybe a month. And when I play I like to rest my pinky and sometimes my ring finger on the bottom string. Is this not recommended? It's comfortable for me and I prefer it honestly.

Also, what is the best technique for fingerpicking? Should your hand be floating above the guitar or resting on something?
The style I use utilizes four fingers - only the pinky is excluded. Some styles of fingerstyle do use the pinky. I float my hand above the strings and do not rest any of the fingers on the strings. I assign the three bass strings to the thumb, then the three high strings are assigned to the remaining index, middle and ring finger.

If you're comfortable playing this way and it doesn't hinder your ability to play, then why change? If you find that it's causing problems, such as muted strings or effects your efficiency, then by all means, change your style now.
I extend my pinky to touch the pickguard as sort of an anchor, but my fingers are really flexible so it might not be too comfortable for others. so long as you aren't mute anything or playing extra notes and your wrist is comfortable you should be fine. I've seen other styles where you use a pick on the E A D strings and your middle ring and pinky for the G B e strings.
I've been fingerpicking for over 30 years and I still rest my pinky on the spruce if it's acoustic or on the bottom of the bridge pup mounting ring if it's electric.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm doing it right.
the proper is way is how steven describes it, you should just use 4 fingers, your thumb usually does the 3 lowest strings and your next 3 fingers do the high 3 strings.

of course, do as you like.
When I finger pick, I only use my thumb, index, and middle fingers, which I prefer and I have my own style of playing. I'm just still messing around with my right hand placement. Honestly, anchoring my pinky and ring finger on the bottom string helps apply the right amount of pressure when picking the stings and gives off the perfect sound, but it prevents me from using the bottom string.

Resting my pinky on the surface of the guitar isn't comfortable and floating my hand above the guitar just doesn't feel that good and is difficult applying the right pressure to the strings when playing. I think I might just anchor my pniky and ring finger whenever possible and then float above when needed to play the bottom string.