Anyone have an idea of what Bonamassa uses to get his bluesy sound? settings and effects? Im a beginner and like following his music as a practice but i just cant get the same sound from my epiphone dot. not sure where to start with effects if any.

it's all in his hands...
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What kind of amp do you have? Not to degrade your guitar, but there is a huge jump in quality when going from a $300-400 guitar to a $2000-3000 guitar, like what Joe plays. I know he likes '59 Gibson Les Pauls, Musicmans (baritone for stuff like Ballad of John Henry) and Yamahas (acoustic). and he uses a combination of Marshall and boutique amps. As far as effects, he uses a Way Huge Pork Pie, Jorge Tripps Custom Crybaby, Jorge Tripps Copper Top Fuzz Face, and an SSL channel strip for the acoustic.

I hope that answered your question.

While Joe does have an amazing guitar tone, I wouldn't emulate his rig exactly, if I were you. I always find that it is best to use gear that you like and develop your own sound. What good is it to play your own songs if they sound like someone else?
haha , yeah im in no way trying to copy his skill. but a few of his songs i can play along with but my current effects or settings on my amp are just no where near the same. hes got a kinda rock/blues buzz going on. Ive only been playing for a month for so and i know that i have a lot to learn about getting certain sounds out of my rig.