I am selling this amp as I am moving and need the space. I bought the amp second hand but have never gigged and only played lightly for the last few years.

The amp functions perfectly and all the effects work great. It also comes with the foot switch which again is in great condition and functions perfectly. It is used and in great condition, however there is one small tear to the outside right at the back of the amp which is only about an inch long. There are also 3 white specks on the front of the amp which seem to be residue from blu-tack and with a bit of perseverance could probably be removed (I have included photos). When warming up the amp makes a whirring sound for about a minute which is normal.

Included with amp
Foot switch
Power lead
Foot switch lead

Closeup of Marshall logo and knobs
Closeup of small stain on front of amp (there are 2 more of these and they look like blu-tack)
Close up of tear to back of amp (about 1 inch in size)
Dear Seller-

I am very interested in purchasing your Marshall AVT 275 Amp., 6-Way Foot Pedal, etc. from you.

I live in San Antonio, TX (USA - Zip Code: 78213).

What is the best/lowest delivered price you would accept (to include shipping costs/charges)? Please feel free to call or e-mail me anytime....

Thanks so much for your consideration of my offer and have a Happy Easter Holiday Weekend.


Peter Cutler
San Antonio, TX
(210) 559-7352 Cell/Mobile Phone