I'm an aspired video game music composer, however I lack the equipment doing anything of that sorts. I've been trying to look up what most video game composers use for scoring their music. I hear a lot of them talking about custom pads and stuff like that and I would love to work with stuff like that!
So do any of you guys have any recommendations or programs you use yourself?

EDIT: Also I started a group for video game composers, check it out
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A lot of people use a program called Reason for electronic music. A friend of mine does it without any pads. It will take awhile to learn how to do it but he learned most of it by himself.
You don't need fancy equipment to do that, all you need is the music in your head and a lot of paper!

Hopefully someone with a serious answer and insight responds..
I use Cubase with a VST collection I've built up over time. Stuff like Guitar Rig 4, EWQLSO, BFD2, EWQL Colossus (need to upgrade to Goliath sometime...), Orchestral String Runs, ReFX Nexus 2, EWQL Stormdrum, NI Reaktor, Spectrasonics Trilian and Omnisphere, Heavyocity Evolve, Miroslav Philharmonik and a bunch of free chiptune ones (Chip32, magical 8-bit plug, ICE CREAM SYNTH, Tweakbench Triforce, basic_64, drsid)

There's more but I can't remember any others offhand...

But yeah, I don't really bother with outputting music sheets or anything. I just compose and sell the mixdowns straight to clients :P
Personal question maybe, but how much money is in this? I've always been interested in it.
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