Just browsing the Taylor website. I'm a little confused. They seem to have two very slightly different numbering systems, for what a appear to me to be pretty much the same guitars.

You can buy a 500 series spruce/mahogany guitar


Or an Acoustic 5 series spruce/mahogany guitar


Am I missing something?
500 series are cutaways and electric

acoustic 5 are non-cutaways

that is what it looks to me
12 is concert body(00), 14 is grand auditorium (000) and 16 is grand symphony which is either considered a small jumbo or (0000). Each of the series, 1-9 has those denominations as well as some of the limiteds and others. The GC (grand concert), GA (grand auditorium), GS (grand symphony) 1-9 are a non cutaway, non electronic version of the 100-900 series with the corresponding body sizes. The woods, cosmetics and for the most part bracing match up between the series.
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