Hey everyone,
I just flew with my guitar down to college. I loosened the strings, put it in a hardshell case, and wrapped it with clothing.
Unfortunately the only option was for them to put it underneath the airplane. However after picking my guitar up from baggage everything looked fine. I brought it back to my dorm and found that I have no electricity .
I was tooling around with it for awhile and am hearing something rolling around in the guitar. It sounds small but I don't know what it could be. Is this normal? Should I wait until I can plug it in the amplifier? Does anyone have any idea about what it could be?

Is there a pick inside the guitar? It's not normal. There should be no rattling noises inside a guitar.
No there isn't a pick inside the guitar. It sounds like its coming from around the plug in jack.
You're going to have to unscrew the guitar where it's rattling and figure out what is wrong, it's not normal.
Alright. I'll have to grab a screwdriver. Most likely I will deal with this more tomorrow. But could it be something relating to the output jack? Like could the nut or something be loose? If its too big of a problem I will just take it into a repairman tomorrow/Tuesday.