Not bad. Clean up your timing a little and work on the little foibles that crept in and you'll be spot on.
Thanks man! I know it's not the best, I did it only in one take. But thanks for viewing and commenting much appreciated!
This was a pretty good attempt at the song man! Obviously theres some timing issues among other things, but its nothing a little work with a metronome and some practice cant fix. Also for your next video it might not be a bad idea to turn the vocals on the recording up a little bit to make them more audible, and turn the guitar in the mix down a bit so we can hear your guitar over Frusciante's. Keep on pluggin man! Theres a link to my YouTube channel in my sig if you dont mind leaving a C4C on any of the covers I've done

Thanks, I would have done what you said about lowering the original guitar and upping the vocals, but I dont know how lol. It'd be great if you could share how to do it if you know, and thanks for checking out the vid!
Unfortunately I cant help you there man, i consider myself to be technologically handicapped, I record all my videos with my iPhone and thats about all I know how to do. However I do know that there are threads you can create or visit in here about it and im sure someone on here will be able to help you out. The UG community is great for helping people