Alright so I have to choose between 2 drummers.
1 Drummer isnt very creative, and always winds up increasing the tempo (on accident) so by the end of the song we are playing 2x faster than we were at the beginning. He also has some attitude problems and gets bitchy when I suggest some things for him. And he isn't that reliable. Sometimes he just doesn't show to practice for no reason.

The 2nd guy is about the same on the creativity level, worse at playing, but not terrible or anything (the 1st guy has more experience), but he can keep a better tempo and hes not an asshole. And he is more reliable

I'm not saying I dont get along with the first guy, we get along fine most of the time. But sometimes when we're writing a song and i suggest him try something else for the chorus or whatever, he'll complain and get an attitude. He's kind of like a little girl. But back to the point, any tips on how to choose? Any suggestions?
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If the drummer can't play in time he's of no use. Go number 2.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
2nd guy. Playing in a band is all about fun. How can you do that when you have some cocky little bitch that can't keep in time on the instrument that holds the band together.
The first drummer sounds like my rhythm guitarist, he gets a bit bitchy when suggesting things and changes tempo by accident sometimes, fortunately he's also my best mate so we work round these issues after an argument, but I digress... You need someone reliable and who's not a dick, basically go for the second guy becasue he can learn to play better and if he's not a dick he'll be more open to creative suggestons.
If you can find a drummer with everything, him being sound, creative and talented then choose them, if not then go for the second guy. Band dynamic is far more important than a flashy dick...
either get a number 3 or go with number 2, experience and skills can be learnt over time but the other one will always be an arsehole.
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No. 2. Teachable is far better.

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Number two, no doubt. An eh drummer keeping in time is better than a slightly "better" drummer(if he can't keep a steady beat he's not exactly good, that's the basics of drumming right there) randomly speeding up, throwing the whole band and making you all sound bad. Plus having an asshole in the band is never good.
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bad drummers can get better

assholes will remain the same
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Why is it always the drummers that either

A) Aren't as good as their competition but can keep tempo and shit

and then

B) Is some asshole who just beats his drums as fast as he can and claims to have talent.

I remember B was in my last band.
Thanks guys, the first guy is currently "in" the band. We've been playing with him mostly. So how could I pretty much just kick him out without sounding like an asshole?
^^^ The answer is "that's what auditions are for". Obviously you didn't have any of those so you're left with what you have.

You can either:

1. Talk to him one-on-one and explain your issues with his playing in a nice way, and ask him to address them. If he's keen, then he'll respond.

2. If the whole band agrees, just explain that you're looking for someone with a bit more experience, thank him for his time and move on. And yes, he's going to hold a bit of a grudge because he thought he was in the band. That's more your fault than his.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
drummer number two for sure.

and if you had a choice between two things, don't pick one thinking you can switch later. you should have hosted to jam sessions with both guys and then the band can make an informed decision. For kicking this guy out, if everyone is agreed just have a talk with him about lack of chemistry.
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Thanks guys, the first guy is currently "in" the band. We've been playing with him mostly. So how could I pretty much just kick him out without sounding like an asshole?

Here's the thing.

If you want to not be an asshole, you have to be honest with him - even if the truth hurts. Lying makes you the bigger asshole.

Do you have the backing of your band in this? Do they agree with you? Kind of hard to go it alone here. Confer with them and speak from a position of concensus.

If you want to be not an asshole, you basically have to tell the guy what the problem is, what you expect of him, and give him a chance to improve things.

Or you can just get the band behind you and say "We've decided to make a change. We don't really feel like it's working out." And if he asks why, tell him (be honest, but not rude about it: "you are always speeding songs up, and you get argumentative when we try to talk about changes.")
Drummer number 2, it should be obvious. If he can both A) keep better tempo and B) is less of an ass, then there's absolutely no benefit to having drummer number 1 instead. You even said they were the same creatively, so drummer 1 obviously doesn't have anything on drummer 2, to the point where I'm shocked you actually typed out your first post without realizing it.

On the issue of how to kick him out...Answer is you just do and try to be as nice as possible, it's just how music works, if he gets pissed off then just try not to let it bring you down.