Need help with filling and fixing the crack. It started cracking when i was wet sanding it. There are about 5 of these cracks throughout the body. They all originate from the wiring holes. All help is appreciated! Thanks.

Well filling the cracks I'd advise redoing the paint job if you can. i meant filling all holes before wetsanding. The water is devistating to the wood. I had the same issue on my Warmoth, but I was able to fix it because it was a transparent finish.
Yeah,fill it wiyh wood glue or gorilla glue,too much,then clamp the hell out of it,let it cure.Like 24 hours in the sun.Then sand the glue off it,and paint.Just don't WET sand it.
Ok thanks. I was wet sanding the Clear coat, cuz it hadnt been sanded yet. I was working on a guitar project. I guess i put too much water.....
I had this happen when I was wet sanding a body. It cracked slightly right out of the neck pocket on the bottom side. Didn't notice until I had the thing completed, but at least it's in a spot that isn't noticeable. I think the main key here is you don't need much water. In my case I probably used too much water and got it in the neck pocket causing it to swell.