I just purchased the UG app for Android. I was a little dissapointed with the purchase at first because, after paying for it, I can't even download the guitarpro format files (which is what all my tabs are in) - instead it tells me to buy ANOTHER app, Tab Pro. One of the lines it states is that I can view the tabs offline, which I assume meant I would be able to download the .gp file.

So I went ahead and bought the app. I save the tabs I want to favourites, stored them on both internal and sd card storage... but can't seem to find the tabs anywhere. Infact, I can't seem to find any file associated with the UG app. Are the files hidden?

The reason I want to save them is because I have the GuitarPro app which I am using for looking at tabs. I don't want Ultimate-Guitar to replace GuitarPro, as it is the app I use to pretty much make the tabs I put onto UG anyway.

And after all this, I couldn't seem to get a refund on the app (possibly because it was an in-app purchase).

So is there any way I can locate the actual .gp file on my phone or on my sd card or are the files saved in such a way that they are only accessable through the UG app?