I need a good tremolo pedal that has a really good square wave function, sumthing for the intro to Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day or Heavy by Collective Soul. I was thinking about the MXR tremolo pedal (the purple one) any suggestions, and don't say Boss I have one and its way to noisy to be functional for me. Also I need a great delay pedal, and I have also tried a Boss DD-7 delay and the MXR Carbon Copy delay, they didn't sound at all what I wanted. I need a delay that sounds like what my Marshall 100 watt MGFX has in its digital delay FX. The Boss and MXR just sounded like they were all over the place and running into each other. I didn't think that it would be this hard to find these pedals, but I guess it is so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I much prefer the BOSS DD-3 over the 7. An Ibanez/Maxon AD9 would be a solid delay, as well. Although, to be honest, it sounds like you might be having more issues with the settings than the pedal... The MXR is a fantastic delay pedal, and can do pretty much anything you need, except super long, crystal clear delays- but the BOSS had that covered.

As for trems, did you think about having your BOSS modded by Keeley, or JHS? They're good tremolos, and I THINK that's actually what Billie Joe Armstrong uses for Boulevard.... I would suggest the Stereo Pulsar from Electro-Harmonix, I've always loved EH pedals. Sure there will be some haters for both the pedal and the brand, though.
The carbon copy is an awesome delay. Try the hardwire dl-8 it is incredible IMO

The mg isn't a good benchmark to judge other things on, as it is a pretty subpar piece of kit compared to most things out there, unfortunately.
Man I tried everything I could to get a really good delay sound out of that Boss and it just didn't work at all... what do ya'll think about the MXR tremolo? Have ya'll played it? and does it have a a good square wave?