So I was browsing the classifieds when I came across this:

A 1996 50th anniversary korean stratocaster in midnight wine

The guy selling it obviously wanted it gone since the asking price was $120au but I knocked it down to $100au.
I was expecting an okay little guitar for the price (seller had only listed it as squier strat) but when I saw it i found out it was a 50th anniversary with a gorgeous (quilted/flamed?) maple neck and Seymour Duncan in the bridge (no idea what model, anyone have any ideas?).

Cosmetically it has a few little dings and scratches but that's to be expected, touchwise this guitar feels as solid but a little more heavier than my MIM standard and the neck is a joy to play. Haven't really play it much plugged in but from what i can tell it has the typical single coils sound while the 'bucker lends it a bit more 'growl' to the guitar.

Now all i gotta do is give this girl a proper setup and some new strings and let her rip
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Nice! Never been a fan of Wine Red, but I think I'm about the only one.
HNGD I think that's a bargin.
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Lovely guitar, but its hard to identify seymour duncans just based on that view I seem to remember it might have some sort of identification on the underside if you can be bothered ripping it out and having a peak.

HNGD anyways!

(In case you didn't know the seymour duncan is probably an aftermarket mod)
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