I have a crybaby classic fasel wah now and it sounds like shiat. Clean it has a harsh pick scrape like sound about middle of the way up and down. It cracks louder than the actual playing. Think of the voodoo child intro, except the wah makes the noise even if I just rock it slow over a single held note. With drive it just sounds all loose and sloppy. I have tried moving the lever inside to adjust the rock but with little result. So I'm looking to get a new wah. Or maybe just replace clean parts if that could be the problem.

I don't like the vox wahs. I've heard mixed review on the Ibanez wh10 reissues. Some good things about dimebag wahs mostly. What would you all recommend? I don't want boutique (prices anyways) I would be able to build one if needed. Will def consider used. I play strats through 50w jet city head if it matters ( wah sucks on all amps). I Want ine that can do a Hendrix type clean wah sound and a frusciante type heavy drive sound. I know they make Hendrix wahs and I know jf uses the Ibanez originals, just to throw that out there. Budget= hopefully about 100-150$ usd, will not go over 200. Again used is cool with me.
For a more traditional wah, look at the Dunlop 535Q wah.
For something switchless, look at the Morley Dragon 2 or Bad Horsie.

Dunlop makes a Hendrix signature wah.

Maybe a Vox clyde mccoy wah?
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+1 to the Morley pedals. Great pedals with adjustable sweep's at prices that don't make you wince.
Look into modding your current wah. A few good mods can turn a stock crybaby into a wonderful wah. The mods are pretty easy and fun to do yourself but there are a lot of people that can do it for you if you don't want to do it yourself.
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He doesn't want boutique because it's too expensive and you recommend something twice the price of a good boutique wah? Don't think he's looking for that.
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He doesn't want boutique because it's too expensive and you recommend something twice the price of a good boutique wah? Don't think he's looking for that.

yeah, I'm not lol...thats three times my max budget

I'll check out the mods, probably the way to go price wise. Time to dig out the old soldering iron.

Thing is I bought this wah from best buy when I was picking up something else and spotted it in the back of their cabinet and they were selling it for only $40? These are $100 everywhere (its the gcb-95f...red fasel? if i remember correctly)...could this have been a bad batch/recall or something? I just figured they didn't know what it was and I made off with a steal.


I'm gonna clean the pot today with some contact cleaner and see if that helps first then mod away.
Modding can really spice up that wah. The inductor in it is already pretty good. The mods I advice you to do:

- True bypass
- Change out the sweep capacitor
- Change out the 'vocal' resistor
- Put in a Q-(trim)pot or new resistor (in place of the 0 ohm resistor/jumper)
The dime crybaby wah is in my opinion the best crybaby and it's really versatile .You should take it.
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yeah, I'm not lol...thats three times my max budget

Yeah, that's why I mentioned the lottery.

My plan is to not play songs that need wah until I win the lottery. Might be a while.