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Now that I have your attention - this is a thread made partially in response to dann_blood's informational thread about the U.S. soldier killings upon Afghan civilians committed not more than a few hours ago. dann_blood is an Australian anti-American, and his primary aim was to demonize America and perpetuate chronic, pro-kangaroo syndrome. Do not be swayed by his methods.

In order to demonstrate that, yes, unfortunate shit can happen within the context of a high-tension armed conflict, I have provided an interesting update to dann_blood's news. My aim here is to show that both Americans and Afghanis, at various points in time, may feel inside themselves that they can no longer control their emotions and do bad things. Both sides have committed foul play towards one another. And neither has failed to act irrationally.


"After a U.S. Army sergeant marched from a NATO base into civilian homes and opened fire killing 16—nine of which were children—furious Afghans have vowed revenge. “All my family is dead,’ said Nazim Shah, “We will get revenge on those who killed my family.” While the Afghan Ministry has urged that angered citizens show restraint, many fear that the violence will ignite tensions between the U.S. and Afghanistan after the Quran burnings

The U.S. Embassy has warned Americans in Kandahar, via Twitter, of retaliation.
The Daily Beast

Now, the second purpose is too ask you what you think might happen next. Misunderstanding and impatience has grown amongst Afghan and U.S. peoples there; do you see this as the beginning of a serious new conflict in the region? I for one do not feel good about it, and am worried this could lead to some sort of uprising...
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